Aviation Courses and Fee Structure in Kerala

Aviation Courses and Fee structure in Kerala

Kerala, known to be the educational hub of aviation courses have various institutes who provide aviation courses. Most aviation institutes charge between 60000 INR to even 300000 INR depending up on courses. Antonian College of Management Studies is considered to be one of the best aviation institute in Kochi because it offers the most affordable fees than any other institutes with no compromise on quality. ACMS has placed many candidates in the aviation industry and highly reputable amongst all the aviation institutes in Kochi those who provide aviation courses. It is not possible to give the precise fee structure for aviation course because it fee varies from courses to courses, but the fee can be approximately 100000 INR even for the best aviation courses available today. Given below are some of the major aviation courses and its details.

Diploma in Cabin Crew / Air Hostess Training

A one year air hostess training course will make the candidate equipped with all skills that are needed to work as a crew member. Air Hostess is considered to be a highly admirable job and those who are passionate to work inside an aircraft can opt for this job. air hostess training fees structure varies from institutes to institutes, however, the fee for this air hostess training course in Kerala can range somewhere in between 60000 INR to 120000 INR. Please feel free to contact us to know the exact fee for this particular aviation course in ACMS.

Diploma in Airport Management Course

Highly regarded as the most promising and rewarding job in the aviation industry. This course is designed to be finished in one year. It equips the candidates with all skills that are needed in the operations of an airport.  The diploma in airport management course is also designed in accordance with candidates’ academic qualification. The curriculum of this aviation course enables the candidates not just to work in airports but in other areas also as it includes hospitality management, organizational behaviour, customer service skills, communication skills, safety and security, administrative skills, supervisory skills and so on. The fee structure for this aviation course vary from 60000 INR to 100000 INR. You may contact ACMS to know all details including fees, duration and eligibility.

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation Courses

Diploma in air cargo practices & documentation course is particularly designed to equip candidates to work in Air cargo department and Supply chain logistics. A course that can assure you a job soon as you finish the course as the demand for employees in this area is increasing year by year. This aviation course is also a one year course. Please contact ACMS to know more about this course and the fee structure.

Diploma in Airline Management with Travel/Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

Multiple opportunities are waiting for those who attend this course. Considered to be one of the best courses to undertake, it enables the candidates to work in multiple departments and hence a job after the completion of this course is almost certain. You can choose your career in areas such as cabin crew or flight steward, ground crew, hospitality sectors such as customer care, front office, and food and beverage department and so on. This is usually a one year programme, but can exceed the duration depending upon the institutes. The fee can go up to 300000 INR in metropolitan cities, but in ACMS you can do this course in the most affordable rate than any other institutes. Please get in touch with us to get the complete details of this course.

Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Shipping Management Course

Diploma in logistics, supply chain and shipping management is a short term course designed by ACMS to help candidates to get an immediate job in the aviation industry.  This is a three month program and this course teaches the candidates about logistics and supply chain and helps the candidates to understand the detail operations of logistics and supply chain and shipping management. ACMS offer placement assistance and enables the candidates with all skills to crack the interview. Please get in touch with ACMS to know about the course details.

Aviation Courses Eligibility Criteria

Anyone with 12th pass can apply for aviation courses. Graduates and post graduates from recognized universities also have suitable courses. Communication skills, interpersonal skills and fair knowledge about the industry are other criteria that can be assessed during the time of admission.

Scope of Aviation Jobs in Kerala

Aviation jobs, considered to be one of the best jobs in the world, can be a career option even for someone who is an undergraduate. Anyone who has completed their 12th standard with an aggregation of 50% or above can apply for aviation jobs. Likewise, graduates and post graduates can also fetch jobs in the aviation industry in accordance with their qualification. Since the number of pass outs from colleges is increasing year by year, the competition is very high. In order to get rid of the competition and crack any interviews smoothly, it is advisable that one must attend aviation courses. There are a number of aviation courses one can enrol into depending on their qualification. Let us find out some of the best aviation courses you can undertake and how much it costs you.

Kerala has four International airports and the demand for professionals in the industry is increasing. Moreover, many companies are investing in the areas related to aviation as Kerala is one of the major tourist attractions in Indian. Hence a number of job opportunities are waiting for candidates those who have completed aviation courses. Related industries such as logistics, security and tourism management also require professionals who have completed such courses.

Salary And Perks

The main reason why aviation jobs are considered to be the most lucrative jobs is because of the high remuneration it provides. The employees can also avail other benefits such as insurance, paid vacations and above all a high reputation. As a result, the competition to get into aviation jobs is also high. This is where a course in aviation comes handy and many youngsters are looking out for institutes those can provide quality education in this area and placement assistance. The increase in the number of aviation course institutes in Kerala is primarily because of this reason.

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