Career Opportunities In Aviation Industry

Get a career in aviation industry

A career in aviation industry is a dream for many; firstly because of the handsome remuneration and secondly the reputation in the society. Not to mention the career growth and free perks that comes along with aviation jobs. Also, some people like to choose aviation jobs because of their passion to aircrafts and aviation industry. Having said that, it is essential to understand where to start, how to start and what courses one has to pursue to get the right jobs in the aviation industry.

Where to start

First and foremost, a candidate must be qualified enough to get into the aviation industry. Apparently, one must get right advice and right direction from experts or career consultants. One must also be ready to research on various aviation courses and analyze the course with their educational qualification and interest. The reason being is because of the vast number of courses many institutes offer. There are also many airliners who offer direct employment opportunities for graduates without pursuing an aviation course. Hence always look for such job vacancies in job portals and other mediums. Approaching an aviation job consultant is also a way, but make sure they are authorized and genuine. At the same time, investigate on other technical jobs in the aviation industry. For example, a candidate from IT background can find suitable jobs based on their skills and expertise. Another piece of advice, if you are a technophile, would be to update oneself with the latest trends in technological development and also the technologies used in various aviation departments and accordingly choose an aviation course. To recapitulate, be prepared to do a little bit of research before you choose a course.

How to start

If incase, you don’t find an employment opportunity in job portals, browse for various aviation courses that are available today. Once you finalize a course, search for the institutes those provide the course. Select the institution based on the reviews and comparisons with other institutes. Things such as course fees, duration of the course and the certificates accreditation should also be taken into consideration while finalizing the institute. You can also utilize social media platforms to find out from netizens and ex-students about the possibilities of the particular aviation course and the methodology of teaching by the institute you chose. Some institutes also offer campus recruiting programs which will minimize your time in becoming an employee in the aviation industry.


There are at least 15 courses to choose from and perhaps more. Right from cabin crew to airhostess, from ticketing to security staff, other ground staff, technician, housekeeping, customer service and the list goes on for the number of aviation jobs. There are also courses designed for these particular departments. It’s up to one’s choice of interest to choose which course is best for them in accordance with their educational qualification. There are graduation courses and diploma courses. Below given are some of the most popular diploma aviation courses.

Diploma in Airport Management
Diploma in Cabin Crew Management
Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation
Diploma in Airline Management with Travel/Tourism and Hospitality Management
Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Shipping Management

Diploma in Airport Management

Diploma in airport management is course designed to help you grab a job in airport and related departments. It’s usually a 1 year program like most other diploma courses. The duration can change plus or minus a few days or weeks. There are a lot of vacancies in this area because of the constant increase in passenger traffic.

Diploma in Cabin Crew Management

Cabin crew job is dream of anybody who loves flying. This too is a one year diploma course. The immense increase in air travel has forced the airliners to allocate more planes to even remote places as people these days love to travel for leisure and tourism. This simultaneously requires more man power. Trained professionals in this department are in high demand. Cabin crew or Flight stewards also is highly paid and also can enjoy various benefits such as discounted flight tickets and paid vacations.

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation

This is a one year diploma course which enables the candidates to work in logistics and cargo department.


Diploma in Airline Management with Travel/Tourism and Hospitality Management

A diploma in airline management with travel and tourism and hospitality management is course that will help you to find an employment in multiple departments in the aviation industry. One can work as a ground staff or in hospitality sector or find a career in cabin crew department.

Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Shipping Management

A diploma in logistics, supply chain and shipping management is short duration diploma course which usually last for three months. This is one course that enables one to work in logistics, transportation and shipping management areas. The demand is for employees in these departments are increasing drastically.
At the same time career in aviation industry too have competitions. But when we look at the rate at which the air passengers traffic is growing and the trade between `nations is increasing, a course in aviation industry will come handy in the future. This will give you an additional sense of security irrespective of your qualification and expertise. To add to this, aviation industry employees are never been underpaid. Statistics show that since the beginning of 21st century, we see a huge growth and demand for manpower in the aviation industry.
One must also take into consideration that if you have excellent communication skills in English and have an excellent record in the educational qualification, you can directly apply for job vacancies in airliners and related organizations without attending any aviation courses. The importance of attending a course is that it gives you an added advantage compared to other candidates with a graduation. Therefore, as discussed earlier, a thorough research on the course you would like to undertake and the institutes you choose are important factors if you are looking for a career in the aviation industry.

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