What is Diploma in Airport Management

airport management

Airport Management

Managing various departments of an airport and doing the administrative process involved in airport operations is called as airport management. Airport management requires a huge number of professionals every year considering the growing traffic of passenger and the increase in cargo airliners. Airport management includes customer service management, accounting management, security management, technical management, and so on.

Diploma in Airport Management

Diploma in airport management is a highly promising job-oriented course which is likely to be the most demanding course in the coming years. Diploma in airport management is a course that is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge of how the airports operate, all activities associated with airport, the technology used in various departments, security measures to be taken and addressing passenger concerns.

Objective of Diploma in Airport Management

The first important objective of diploma in airport management is to make candidates aware and familiarize with the professional designations in an airport and those who work in airport terminals. This way they get valuable knowledge about functioning of an airport. They can also understand the safety measures that are taken in an airport. The candidates will be taught about the international standard procedures of all operations in an airport. The other objectives include making the candidates aware of important steps to be taken when mingling with passengers and pilots and other airport authorities. The candidates will also be informed and taught about customer service skills, interpersonal skills and supervisory skills.

Who Can Do This Course?

Who can do airport management jobs

Anybody with a passion to work in airline sectors can apply for this course. The major criteria is that the candidates must be at least an undergraduate. The diploma in airport management course is designed according to the candidates’ qualification. Undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates have different airport management courses. A candidate should first prioritize his or her area of interest in airport management and then choose the course accordingly. Some institutes require you to have a passing mark of 70%. There are also entrance exams conducted by various bodies. It is essential that the candidates have excellent English language skills and interpersonal skills.

Skills Required to Enroll for Airport Management Course

Candidates must have excellent communication skills, especially in English language, and great interpersonal skills. Other skills such as problem solving, team management, technological knowledge, all comes in handy when applying for a diploma in airport management course. Some institutes offer you English language skills if you are weaker in English communication.

Scope of Doing Airport Management Course

Scope of airport management

As the threat of covid 19 pandemic is likely to be over by the end of this year, most countries have started to open their borders and this will see a rush in passenger traffic in all airports in the world. To cope with the increasing number of passenger flow, all airports require huge man power. This is where a diploma in airport management course will come in handy if you are a job seeker. Freshers and experienced candidates will be equally benefited by doing this course. For experienced candidates, this course will help them to get a career promotion or an increment in their pay scale. For freshers, doing this course will give them a great opportunity to kick start their career. Besides, no other industry provides such handsome salary for freshers anywhere. An early career in airport management can earn you promotion and high salary by mid age.

Things to Consider Before Selecting an Institute

Find out if the institute is reputed and have a history of placing candidates after completion of the course. This can be done by talking to ex students of the institute. The duration of the course and the fee for the course are other factors that you should look into. By doing some research on internet and comparing various institutes will help you to identify the best institute for you. Some institutes offer campus recruitment drives with no additional fees. This is a great advantage for students as airport authorities are looking to hire trained candidates. Hiring a trained candidate means they can minimize the training time, resources and money.

Syllabus for Diploma in Airport Management

The syllabus depends on the courses designed for different educational background grounds such as graduation, under graduation and post graduation. It can also vary depending on the course duration and institutes. However, some of the common curriculum are given below.

Hospitality Management
Organizational Behavior
Customer service skills
Problem-Solving skills
Effective Communication skills
Airport operations
Cargo operations
Airline operations
Team management skills
Safety and security
Ticketing and administrative skills
Supervisory skills

Types of Jobs in Airport Management

There are various departments in an airport and hence various types of jobs are available in airport management. From ticketing to security, a wide variety of positions require highly trained professionals. Some of the jobs are given below

Airport Manager
Air operations coordinator
Ticketing Staff
Customer service personal
Logistics manager
Housekeeping manager
Security officer

Remuneration in Airport Management Job

One of the things that make airport management job a lucrative job is because of the salary the industry provides. Airport management job is known for the handsome remuneration it offers. Along with salary, the candidates can expect other benefits such as medical insurance, paid holidays and discounted flight tickets. Besides, a job that gives you satisfaction and respect in the society makes it more attractive. This is why many youngsters today want to start their career in this industry.

How is Diploma in Airport Management Beneficial

It will equip candidates with skill sets required to work in aviation industry. Aviation industry is the most economically stable industry in the world and getting a job in this industry will make your career secure and it provides you the best salary. It is also considered as one of the most reputed jobs. Having an experience in working in airport management means you are wanted in other industries such as tourism and hospitality industries. Hence, skills that you acquire from a job in airport management will help you to find other jobs easily even after your retirement.

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