Career in Air Hostess After 12th

Air hostess career

Considered to be one of the most lucrative and glamorous jobs in the world, an air hostess can earn handsome remuneration and other perks and benefits. On one hand, it is a highly reputable job, at the same time an early retirement job. Air hostesses are in high demand after their retirement in tourism and Hospitality Management sectors thus making this job a dream job for many young aspirants. Many youngsters are attracted to this job because of the above reasons. An air hostess career is safe and secured that even after retirement they are in high demand. Great salary along with respect in the society is what makes it different from other jobs in the aviation industry. A career as an airhostess is more satisfying and attractive. The interviews with several air hostesses cite that most are highly satisfied with the work culture and incentives they get. Some benefits include retirement plans, health and life insurance, paid holidays and discounted flights. A few years of experience as an air hostess can secure you a demanding career.

Skills to become an air hostess.

First and foremost, a person who is enthusiast to become an air hostess must possess excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills. The candidate must be fluent in English, however multi linguistic skills can be an added advantage. They should be between the age group of nineteen to twenty seven in most cases and should be at least an undergraduate. However, some airliners demand that the candidates must be a graduate or a diploma holder. A degree in hospitality and tourism would be preferred by some employers. They should maintain a good physical appearance and have a thorough professional attitude and a passion for customer service. They should always have a great personality as well.

Future of air hostess jobs

The aviation industry like all other industries has been affected because of the corona virus pandemic. However, the experts in the industry foresee that the aviation industry will bounce back like never before as soon as the pandemic is over. After most people are vaccinated and the pandemic comes to an end, the air travel will see a huge growth and once again will be busy with its operations. This will result in more job opportunities and air hostesses will be in high demand. Hence, enrolling in a course to become air hostess at this time will be a great idea for young and ambitious youngsters who also would like to travel and see the world.


How to start


12 th or plus 2 is the minimum eligibility criteria to become an air hostess. After your 12th, you can undergo air hostess training programs conducted by various training institutes. Mostly the institutes coach you on communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer service skills, and basic ideas on how airliners work and make you ready and confident on attending interviews. After the completion of the course most institutes will guide you to attend interviews with various airliners, some institutes even conduct campus recruitment drives where you can attend the interview in the campus itself. Other ways are to browse on various job openings posted on job portals by the airline companies. After the selection, you may also have to undergo training programs conducted by the employers. Make sure that you are well poised and groomed and avoid any tattoos. These things will be taught when you attend a airhostess training course. Having said this, improving your communication skills is the key part. You should spend a lot of time in improving English fluency and this will give you an advantage during the interview. You must also try to attend maximum number of interviews and should grab any opportunity that comes your way even if the salary that you expected is not offered. But in most cases you can expect a salary of not less than 25k as a fresher.

Roles and responsibilities

Air hostess job, besides its reputation, is a highly responsible job. The responsibilities include welcoming passengers on board, giving safety instructions, attending to passengers in case of any medical emergencies, and serving food and beverages. Air hostesses are required to be on their uniforms and should adhere strictly to their shift timings. It is not a nine to five job and will have to sometimes work on the off days. They cannot have weekend offs like other jobs and should report to their duty on public holidays also. But, air hostesses are treated well and are mostly seen as role models by teenagers because of the glamorous characteristics that this job portraits. Some airliners hire air hostesses s contract employees and cannot work in other jobs while working for an airliner. They will be mostly away from their families and this job doesn’t suit for someone who has got homesickness.

Institutes for air hostess courses

There are many institutes across the country those offer air hostess courses. In fact, almost all major cities in India have training institutes for air hostess courses. Enquire about the course and details including fees, duration, etc., and do thorough research on air hostess course. It is indeed not a good idea to join the air hostess courses if you are not passionate about flying. Make sure that the institutes offer placement assistance and help you to attend many interviews. You yourself should also search for any job opportunities and get yourself updated about various job websites. Before selecting the institute, check with the ex-students on the curriculum and the assistance given by these institutes. In today’s world, this is not a big task as social media can be utilized to check this. The reputation of the institute should be taken into consideration before enrolling yourself and paying the fees. There are some institutes that charge high fees for these courses, hence before paying the money compare a few institutes and choose an institute wisely. You can also use the help of career guidance councilors before selecting an institute. A final piece of advice would be to not just fall for the advertisements, rather do some research and then finalize the institute.

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