“We are not a placement agency but we equip you to fit into industry” If you have the willingness to accept the change required you will be touching the dream.

At ACMS, we are constantly in touch with industry segments, assessing and analyzing their staff and recruitment requirements. The job of our Placements Cell is to ensure that you are assisted to the best job suited to your certification and skills.

We have created a huge database of employers, contacts and alumni based in India, the Middle East and across the world. We assist our students with their applications and groom them with mock interviews and tests to enhance their chances. We take advantage of Job Fairs, and contact suitable employers for job placements for our students.

Benefit for Employers and Corporates who join our Placement Programs

  • You get access to industry-specific trained personnel.
  • Our student’s skills and learning are most relevant to your business.
  • Our students will add significant value to your organization.
  • Our high potential students will help your business grow and thrive.
  • High-quality placement is beneficial for every company.
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