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flight attendant

Top 5 Skills Every Aviation Student Should Develop

Top 5 Skills Every Aviation Student Should Develop Introduction: Starting a life-changing journey with Antonian College of Management Studies (ACMS) is more than just experiencing the rush of flight; it’s an immersive program designed to develop the next generation into professionals with a broad range of skills ready for success in the fast-paced, constantly-changing aviation […]

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Is Aviation a High Paying Job?

Many people have long been enthralled by the aviation sector because of the attraction of taking to the sky and visiting distant locations. The aviation industry offers a wide range of thrilling job prospects, from pilots in charge of planes to air traffic controllers expertly coordinating flights. The subject of whether flying is a lucrative […]

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Aviation Institute

How To Choose The Best Avaition Institute?

How you can choose the best aviation institute? The world is opening up to even more international trade, commerce, travel, and tourism. A large number of Indians live and work abroad. They travel to their native places often and many times their parents or relatives also travel abroad for sightseeing. Today India is well integrated […]

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Aviation Courses and Fee Structure in Kerala

Aviation Courses and Fee structure in Kerala Kerala, known to be the educational hub of aviation courses have various institutes who provide aviation courses. Most aviation institutes charge between 60000 INR to even 300000 INR depending up on courses. Antonian College of Management Studies is considered to be one of the best aviation institute in […]

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airport management

What is Diploma in Airport Management

Airport Management Managing various departments of an airport and doing the administrative process involved in airport operations is called as airport management. Airport management requires a huge number of professionals every year considering the growing traffic of passenger and the increase in cargo airliners. Airport management includes customer service management, accounting management, security management, technical […]

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Career As An Air Hostess

Air hostess An air hostess is the person who works on board a plane to help passengers and the other crew. Their main responsibilities include customer service, giving safety instructions, serving food and beverages and giving medical attention if necessary. Different airliners have different criteria when recruiting air hostess. The main criteria is that they […]

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