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ACMS is one of the best aviation institute in Kochi, Kerala, offers aviation courses in air hostess training, cabin crew management, airport management, airline management with travel and tourism, cargo management etc. Antonian College was established by a group of professionals having combined international experience in training, education and placements in the Aviation, Hospitality and Logistics sectors. They have extensive contacts across the Globe and contacts in all key industries touch-points to deliver the best placements to students from ACMS.
The training methodology and course orientation will be towards the requirements of the Aviation and Logistics industry with a focus on the FUTURE. This is keeping in mind the new advances and technologies that come into play in these industry sectors including advances in software development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Robotics which will have a role to play in these sectors.

ACMS is training and creating the managers and staff with all the essential skills and knowledge required to further their career in today’s most vibrant and promising industries – Aviation, Hospitality, Travel/Tourism and Supply Chain Logistics and Shipping Management.

Aviation Courses

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Cabin Crew Management

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Airport Management

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Airline Management with Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management

(Duration: 01 Year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation

( Duration: 03 months | Eligibility: +2 / Above )

Diploma in Logistics , Supply Chain & Shipping Management

Achieve Promising Aviation Careers with ACMS

Antonian College of Management Studies (ACMS) is an advanced Kochi based institute specialized in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel/Tourism and Cargo, Supply Chain, Logistics and Shipping studies. Our course pedagogy and teaching methodologies are designed with the active involvement of top-ranking professionals in industries with vast years of experience. Our courses enable students to acquire the essential skills and knowledge that make them techno-savvy to stay relevant in the coming year of massive advances in technology.

ACMS is established by professionals with combined international experience in training, education and placements in the Aviation, Hospitality and Logistics sectors. They have extensive contacts across the Globe and contacts in all key industries touch-points to deliver the best placements to students from ACMS.

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    The aviation and logistics industry segments are growing by leaps and bounds. The opportunities in these sectors are perfect for those who love to travel or have a sense of adventure. The prospects for rapid growth in the industry and the good pay make it rewarding in many ways.

    The aviation courses offered by Antonian college (ACMS) are designed to make every individual not just employable and qualified, but to be future-ready. Our promoters have long years of experience in the aviation industry as well as education – to ensure your ticket to the future. Antonian College (ACMS) has a passion for creating professionals who will meet the needs of the aviation industry in the future as the technology and working scenarios are rapidly changing and becoming more challenging. Antonian College (ACMS) instills in its students a sense of professionalism and equips them with all the necessary tools for success in their aviation career.

    Logistics & aviation courses at Antonian College (ACMS) are designed to suit the requirements of students of all strata of the society and are economically priced. We take you on a journey of success in your chosen careers and industry. Be it the excitement of the airline industry or the dynamism of the tourism industry or the savvy nature of the logistics industry – you know you can achieve your best and move up the ladder in your logistics & aviation career.

    Our classroom teaching is enriching experiences, motivating, filled with interaction with logistics & aviation career industry experienced personnel. We apply the highest standards set by the industry and follow the ‘best practices’ so that we give the best education possible to our students.

    ACMS has wide industry connections in India and across the middle east with the airlines and logistics sectors. Our logistics & aviation placement assistance is an ongoing process and industry leaders have every reason to reach out and choose our students because they are assured of the best quality personnel, well trained, and knowledgeable.

    You will have to decide what excites you – the aviation or logistics industry. All are equally promising and rapidly growing. All of them need well trained and skilled personnel. The logistics & aviation courses offered by Antonian College (ACMS) are designed to make you capable of meeting the challenges in each of the industries. Our aviation courses keep an eye on the future to incorporate the technological, technical, and managerial advances and change expected. So, get set for an exciting journey called life with the comfort of a secure aviation job and good prospects in careers that give you respect, a good environment, and a friendly atmosphere with posh offices and exotic locations, and the financial security to build a stable lifestyle.

    A lot of experience and expertise was utilized along with much research to develop the teaching methodologies and course details at ACMS. The aim is to give the student both a deeper and wider knowledge of his chosen field of specialization and industry. Antonian College (ACMS) utilizes advanced teaching equipment and appliances with audio-visual and projection. Seminars, guest lectures and field investigation and industry meets are the way to get the best out of every student. Our aim is to make our students capable enough to become the managers, planners and administrators of their organizations tomorrow. We also instill a strong feeling of entrepreneurship in them so that they are ready to take on the world. This is why we instill strong communication and leadership skills in them.

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