Types of Aviation Courses in Kerala – Aviation Career opportunities

types of aviation courses in kerala

There are a number of long term courses and short term courses to select from different types of aviation courses; from cabin crew training to ground staff training, from ticket checker training to security staff training, a number of aviation courses await you to fulfill your dream of getting a high paid job. Aviation courses are designed according to the industry needs. Trained professionals are in high demand as the industry cannot afford to hire somebody randomly, and then train them. To put it simply, it costs too much. Hence the companies look for trained professional who have attended aviation courses. Choosing the right aviation course is the key. Undergo thorough research on courses that suits you and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Choose wisely according to your area of interest and educational qualification.

Career opportunities

Types of Aviation Courses in Kerala

The amount of job opportunities aviation industry can produce in the future is skyrocketing as per studies. In the next decade or so the manpower requirement of aviation industry is going to increase double or triple to the size of what it is today. In areas such as cargo handling to customer support to technical engineers, aviation industry has a lot to offer for potential candidates. Nowadays, many airline companies select their employees from the aviation institute itself. Due to the needs and trends of modern day travelers, the aviation industry has to expand its business and consequently, increase their work force. All in all, your career is safe in aviation industry. The first step is to choose a course from different types of aviation courses.

Types of Aviation Courses

To start with, there are aviation courses for undergraduates also. It is only normal if one gets confused with the different types of aviation courses. You can find 3 year, 2 year and 1 year courses. Most people, however, choose diploma courses which are short term. You can check the details of a few popular courses which are selected from various types of aviation courses.

types of aviation courses in kerala

BBA in Airport Management

BBA in airport Management, which is a bachelor’s degree course is the most preferred aviation course by undergraduates. It can fetch you a bachelor’s degree and gives you an opportunity to work in the aviation industry. The duration of this course is 3 years.

In order to get an admission for this course, the students should clear class 12th examinations with 50 percentage aggregate marks in most cases. However, a lot other factors are also taken into consideration to give an admission. For instance, a face to face interview will have to be cleared by the candidates in many cases. This particular aviation course teaches you various skills that are required to work in aviation industry such as introduction to aircraft, managing passenger interactions, communication skills, safety and emergency procedures, so on and so forth.

There are also post graduate and doctorate programs included in aviation courses

Diploma Courses

Many candidates choose diploma courses and aviation diploma courses can fetch you a well-paid job in the industry. These courses are popular mainly because most aviation diploma courses will finish with in and around a year. Some of the most popular diploma courses in Aviation are given below.

Diploma in Airport Management

Diploma in airport management is an under graduate aviation diploma course and the length of the course is one year. The ever increasing number of airports all across the world provides huge opportunities for an aviation career aspirant.

Diploma in Cabin Crew Management

Many dream of flying a plane. In fact, it is a childhood fantasy that most people give up when they grow up. But now, with this aviation diploma course in Cabin Crew management, anybody can have their dream job on board a plane. This too is a one year aviation diploma course; however, the length of the course can vary between 6 months to 1 year in some institutions.

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices and Documentation

Handling and transporting goods is a challenging job. It requires specially trained candidates to do this job in the airline industry. You will get the skills and the knowledge to work in air cargo departments and in logistics companies. This is a one year aviation diploma course and the chances of getting employed in the aviation industry or the logistics industry is very high.

Diploma in Airline Management with Tourism and Hospitality Management

This particular aviation diploma course provides you opportunity to work not only in in one area but different areas of Aviation industry. You can build a career either in airlines as a cabin crew or you can work as a ground crew in the airports. You can also get a job in the hospitality industry and the tourism industry. It is usually a one year diploma course; however the duration of the course can lengthen or shorten depending on the institutes.

Diploma in Ground Staff Services

The duration of this aviation diploma course is usually a year, but in some cases, depending on the institutes, it can take a lesser time. As the name suggests, this course enables you to work in the ground staff services. The vacancy in this department is rising year by year. If you are someone, who particularly does not like flying, but likes to have a job in the aviation industry, then this course is for you.

To add to this, there are short term courses like diploma in logistics and shipping management which takes 3 months to complete.

Basic Skill Required For Aviation Course

The primary skill set that one needs to poses to take up aviation course is to have a fairly decent communication skills and interpersonal skills. It is advisable to undergo training in these skillsets if you want to have a successful career in the industry. Some institutes include these skills in their course curriculum in order to help candidates to clear interview and tests. A pleasing personality and a good presence of mind will make it one step closer to your dream job in the aviation sector. Last but not the least; one must have a positive attitude and willingness to complete the course with good marks.

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