How To Choose The Best Avaition Institute?

Aviation Institute

How you can choose the best aviation institute?

The world is opening up to even more international trade, commerce, travel, and tourism. A large number of Indians live and work abroad. They travel to their native places often and many times their parents or relatives also travel abroad for sightseeing. Today India is well integrated with the rest of the world and hence has very vibrant and fast-growing aviation, hospitality, travel-tourism, supply chain logistics, and shipping industries. All these rapidly expanding sectors need qualified and trained personnel to meet their specific requirements. 

Consider the best in the sector

When you look at the aviation institutes in Kochi and Kerala, you will find that there are numerous institutions offering courses in the above segments. So, the factors to consider will include – the quality of the course and training offered, their acceptance and relevance in the industry, the quality of teachers and facilities, the ease of reaching and studying at the institution, the fees, and other benefits.  

Each course, duration, and eligibility are given below: 

Diploma in Cabin Crew Management

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Airport Management

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Airline Management with Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management

(Duration: 01 Year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation

(Duration: 03 months | Eligibility: +2 / Above )

Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Shipping Management

(Duration: 01 year | Eligibility: +2 / Above)

Select the best course

One of the institutions that can match all these aspects is the Antonian College of Management Studies (ACMS). The institution has a long history and background in the education sector. You can study courses related to aviation like air hostess training, cabin crew management, airport management, airline management with travel and tourism. The related courses include air cargo management and logistics.  

Why does the best college matter?

As the Antonian College was established by a group of professionals who have long years of involvement in the travel and tourism industry as well as in education, they have created the best environment for these studies. Once your studies are over, you need the service of placement – that will help you achieve the best jobs in the sectors of your specialization. As the ACMS group has good contacts with global aviation, tourism, and travel industries – better placements are on the platter. 

Cabin Crew Management – Prospects and Future 

This is a one-year Diploma course that is set for transforming your life and giving you a satisfactory and promising career. As the airline and air goods transport industry is rapidly expanding, you stand the chance of achieving a good prospect. Today thousands of jobs are opening up all over the world for qualified personnel. These jobs are in airlines, airports, travel service companies, online travel booking app companies, traditional travel and tourism agencies, and more. The key to these jobs is the right training at ACMS, the right knowledge, good personality and then the sky is the limit. 

How to grow in the career

The jobs in this segment can be well paying with superb perks, a very safe, nice, and happy working environment, and the opportunity to learn and grow in the profession. Job profiles could include Airline call center staff, traffic assistant, flight steward, ticketing/reservation staff, etc. You can be taken up by the Hospitality industry for their job profiles like customer care executives, front office staff, F&B Executives, Housekeeping executives, etc. You could travel the world on cruise ships in job roles like Customer service Executive or F&B Staff. Good Travel Agencies need Reservation staff, Tour coordinators. Cargo Agencies can use you in booking, administration, and coordination. 

How students are prepared

The most preferred job sector is in Airlines but many trained professionals after Cabin Crew Management Diploma join the hospitality or service industries which also offer them good salaries but with lesser stress. You could even join Star Hotels groups or BPOs that serve in Airline processes. ACMS prepares the student in the career path to achieve the best jobs and succeed with their career goals. This is done with the good relationship and contacts with international airlines, airline sector service industries, and international travel agencies across India and the world.  

Why the training is excellent 

The teaching staff at ACMS are professionals with expertise in specific segments – and together they provide you wholesome training to make you a true professional equipped to serve the industry segment of your choice. The institute also brings in subject experts and industry professionals for special training sessions to give students real-life expertise and experiences. The curriculum meanwhile is amongst the best in the industry, regularly updated to incorporate new advances, and is industry-relevant. 

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