Future of Aviation Industry After Covid-19 Pandemic

2020 was a tough year for all industries and the aviation industry was no exception. It is cited that the industry suffered huge losses because of the travel restrictions imposed by many countries. As a result many airline companies decided to freeze its services for a short while. The continuing rise in the covid cases even in the mid of 2021 has forced the industry to take a halt in their operations until further notice. Though there are signs of relief in the covid cases, many countries still choose to ban foreign travelers resulting in more damage to the industry. However, many experts believe that aviation industry is one such business which cannot be kept away from its operations for a long time as it may affect people from all streams of life. Hence, discussions are being held by officials on how to get the industry back on track again. The latest news says that by the end of this year, the operations will be back to normal as the half of the global population will be vaccinated and the international travel will resume. With safety measures and by implementing other covid protocols, travelling with restrictions can be the new norm. It is widely believed that international businesses will resume and the need for travelling will increase. Also, many countries are trying to improve their economy after a huge loss in the pandemic by encouraging businesses and even people to travel. Some countries even started promoting tourism and offer huge discounts for travelers to cop up with the loss they had.

Would aviation industry bounce back?


As we all know one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic was the aviation industry. Empty Airports and restrictions on travel are something that is unheard and would have been unfathomable a year ago. However, while all this sounds very bleak, it is inevitable that the industry would raise again back to how it was before the pandemic.
It will take time possibly, however, once a significant portion of the world has been vaccinated, it will gradually resume and the population would crave to travel once again. Of course, for all this to take place, other factors such as trade between nations, international businesses hype and relaxation on government regulations also should take place. It is asinine to think that the aviation industry will remain inoperative for it is one of the most important and useful inventions of mankind.

The Good news and the bad news

The good news is that post vaccination the industry’s operation will resume as normal according to experts. However, there is a catch too. The aviation industry should have to adapt new business style such as reaching out to the customers offering them discounts and other benefits. This can be a bad news because the already suffered industry may have to run their operations in loss at least for a few months to get the business back like before. But it won’t be a big concern for the big giants of the industry; however, small airliners may find it extremely difficult to compete with the well-established and rich ones.

Expert’s views

Many experts believe that the airliners, to begin with, ought to focus more on the domestic travel before operating full fledge international flights. This way they can slowly, but gradually come to their previous glory. Some experts also suggest to closely working with the governments of the world in scheduling the flights, as it may bring in unnecessary burden to the aviation industry if operating with fewer passengers. However, they cite that man’s need and desire to travel will eventually bring more business. At the same time, the aviation industry may have to attract customers with discounted rates and emi’s. Simultaneously, the state authorities support is also required. The aviation industry can be helped by giving subsidized fuel and relaxation in taxes. Innovative projects such as airport tourism with a minimal fee would also encourage visitors to airports, especially the ones who can’t afford flying.

Policy intervention

Every then and now, new policies by the governments and environmentalist organizations bring in more concerns to the industry. The aviation industry is one such industry which heavily relies on the government’s subsidized funds too. There are dedicated aviation ministries in all countries to make sure the smooth operation of passenger and cargo flights. But the ever changing policies may affect it badly post covid. This is one concern that the governments and the authorities should take into consideration to help aviation industry to bounce back.

Employment opportunities post pandemic

As more and more people choose to travel, man power has to be increased. The aviation industry has a history of increasing their man power every year. This is likely to continue after a slow down for few months. Jobs will be created not only in the aviation industry, but also in the related industries such as tourism and overseas education. The cargo department will also see a hike in transporting goods bringing in more revenue and more employment. Businesses have already started to boom in countries where majority of the population has been vaccinated. This is also cited as a good sign.

Migration policies

To embark on, relaxations in the migration programs would also be implemented by many governments to attract more professionals to their countries. This will result in a flow of travelers as both individuals and governments are looking to better their economy post covid.

International events and sports

Many international events such as Olympics and other sports tournaments will also resume post vaccination generating more traffic. To name a few, the Soccer world cup and the Rugby world cup along with T20 cricket world cup are all going to kick off in the immediate future right after the covid threat is over. This can be a huge economic boost for the respective countries that hold the events and the aviation industry alike. Likewise, many club tournaments are also likely to start soon resulting in a hike in international travelers.


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