Airport Management Courses After 12th

Want to work as Airport Managers?

Have you dreamt of working as a manager in an airport or have you ever dreamt of getting an exciting career in the aviation industry? Let’s find out what you need to do to build a rewarding career in the aviation industry. If you think that it is difficult to get into jobs like this, you are thoroughly mistaken. Today, there are a number of jobs available in the aviation industry, even for undergraduates. In this article we are going to study how to do an airport management course after 12th. But before that let’s find out if a career in the aviation industry is good for you.

Career in Aviation Industry

Engaging in a particular profession for a period in a person’s life is usually meant by career. When selecting a certain career one must take into consideration a few things. The first one would be to get a clarity about how long you would like to stick on to that particular job. The salary, the growth in terms of promotion etc are other factors which you need to look into. But the most important thing is whether you are a doing a job that excites you and interest you. If you are a person who likes aviation industry, who likes to interact with people or help people, then a career in the aviation industry definitely is going to make you a satisfied person with your job. An aviation industry career is challenging, fun, and has a lot of opportunities for career growth.

Are You an Undergraduate?

If you are undergraduate and you like to work in the aviation industry, then in today’s works, it is not a big deal. There are many undergraduates who work in the aviation industry and leading a high class life. In today’s world, there are a number of courses in the aviation industry for undergraduates which helps them to get a job in the industry. A diploma in airport management is one such course. Let’s look deep into how to do an airport management course after 12th

Airport Management Courses

An airport Management course helps you to get job in various administrative departments in the airport. Apart from theoretical classes you will also get some practical classes which enables you to be a part of airport management. There’s no specific criteria to get an admission for airport management courses. You can learn skills such as ticketing, managing crowd, customer service, team management and so on. You get to know the basic operation structure and time schedules of passenger flights and cargo flights. Anybody who has finished their 12th standard can apply for this airport management course. It is not mandatory to learn any specific stream for your under graduation but you need to pass your 12th with reasonably good marks. Both men and women can apply for this course.

Job Opportunities in the Future

It is estimated that air passengers are likely to increase by 2025. Over 20 percentage of passenger traffic are increasing every year. The reason for this is that Air travel is now affordable for common man and middle class people travelling by air are increasing. This is possible because of the high competition between airline companies and to be a prominent player in the aviation industry, these airliners have to decrease their ticket fares attracting more passengers. International courier services are also increasing forcing the airliners to operate more cargo flights. All this shows that there will be a huge man power requirement in the coming years. Hence, job vacancies as airport management executives will increase and their demand will sky rocket.

Covid 19 and its Effect on Aviation Industry

We all know that we are going through a tough time because of the covid pandemic. The aviation industry too is considered to be one of the hard hit industries. But the last few months have shown signs of recovery as more and more people are getting vaccinated. It is believed that the aviation operations will be back to normal in a few months.

Some of the Airport Management Courses

Diploma in Airport management
Ground staff management courses
Diploma in Travel management
Diploma in airport ground staff
Diploma in Ticket Management
Diploma in Hospitality Management

How to Get Admission for Airport Management Courses

Find out the best institute that offers airport management courses an apply. You can either apply online or walk into the aviation institute to fill the admission formalities. There is no big complications to find a right aviation institute. It can be done with a little bit of research. However, finding the right course for you can be a task as you need to understand what jobs you will get with the different airport management courses. Enroll for the selected course and give your hundred percent.

Some Jobs After Airport Management Courses

Ticketing Staff

Ticketing staff should have excellent customer service skills and some up selling skills. They should poses knowledge about flight timings, seats vacancies and updates on cancellations. Ticketing staff needs to be professional in their approach with customers and be always willing to give the customers various options about ticket fares and travel dates. You need to be willing to take responsibility if the customers have any consents. One can definitely excel in this field an this job offers high salary and peace of mind.

Ground Staff

Good communication skills, interpersonal skills and professionalism is required if you are joining as a ground staff. Ground staff provide accurate information to passengers and assist them inside the airport. A ground staff should have good communication skills and customer skills.

Security Staff

Security is one of the main departments in airport and they need high-end professionals to do this job. As a security officer you will be responsible for the safety of the airport and the passengers

Cargo Handlers

This area requires highly skilled employees and airport authorities are looking for young candidates to take up this job. A high paid job with the scope of career growth as a supervisor and team head is something that makes this job attractive
Many more departments are also there in an airport. A course in airport management is always considered as an advantage when you apply for such jobs in the aviation industry..


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