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Air hostess

An air hostess is the person who works on board a plane to help passengers and the other crew. Their main responsibilities include customer service, giving safety instructions, serving food and beverages and giving medical attention if necessary. Different airliners have different criteria when recruiting air hostess. The main criteria is that they should be at least 12th pass. It is one of the most rewarding jobs for women. The job offers handsome salary along with other perks. Some of the incentives include free or discounted travel, paid holidays and insurance benefits. Having said that, an air hostess job is an early retirement job. But that is not a point of worry as the air hostesses are in need after their retirement. Tourism and Hospitality industry recruit air hostess after their retirement and are paid high salary. By the time an air hostess retire they are well equipped with skills that are needed in hospitality industry. They are paid well in this industry and this is why many young people are interested to become air hostesses. Many air hostesses suggest that they are well satisfied with the work culture and the remuneration that get from aviation industry. And hence many see that being a job as an air hostess will make their life secure. This is also seen as one of the most attractive and glamorous jobs in the world. 

Duties of air hostess 

Being in such a responsible job, an air hostess need to be always be alert and also enthusiastic about the job. It is an air hostesses duty to greet the passengers, welcome the passengers to flight, check the seating arrangements and allocate the right seats to the passengers and helping them with necessary safety instructions before taking off the flight. An air hostess is also trained about the basics of flight so that they can be useful in any emergencies. They should always keep a professional attitude and maintain high standards of customer service skills. An air hostess should normally get a two day off weekly but not necessarily to be on Saturdays and Sundays. They may also sometimes have to work on public holidays, but are compensated well and are mostly paid well for the extra hours that work. Most airliners want their air hostess to be on uniforms as they are often seen as the face of airline companies.


Qualities to become an air hostess 

An air hostess must maintain a good physical appearance and be always professional. A great personality and having good interpersonal skills is the key to become an air hostess. They should also learn to be a good communicator and should be able to inform costumers about the do’s and don’ts while flying. They should have a thorough knowledge about flight procedures and be willing to learn about skills such as customer service and first aid techniques. Having multi linguistic skills can make them successful in this field of work and such skills can earn them promotions and career growth. Usually any undergraduates with the qualities mentioned above can apply for a job as an air hostess. However, these days airliners prefer graduates or diploma holders in any aviation course. A diploma course in aviation industry can teach you skills such communication, quality customer service, interpersonal skills and some basic skills required to work in the aviation industry. The best thing about attending an aviation course is that you can give interviews organized by the institutes itself and this gives you more chance of getting a job as an air hostess than attending directly for an interview. The reason for this is that firstly, these institutes have tie ups with some airliners and secondly, most airliners would like to employ people who have got some basic ideas of aviation industry even though airliners themselves give training for the selected candidates. Besides all these, it is important that you have high English speaking skills and this is the area that you should spend most time in learning. 

Attending interview Air hostess

Airliners post their job openings on various job portals. Hence browse for air hostess jobs and you can apply for the job directly and wait for your interview date. As mentioned earlier of you are confident about your English communication skills and interpersonal skills you can directly attend the interview. Make sure that you are well groomed when attending the interview. Usually it will take a day to complete the interview process, so be prepared for this. If you are not confident in giving a direct interview, you can join an aviation training institute to upskill your abilities. Institutes can offer you mock interviews as a part of their curriculum and this will make you confident in the real interview. There is high chance of getting placed from campus recruitment as most airliners too prefer to select trained candidates.

Salary and benefits 

Most air hostess are seen as people who earn high salaries. It would be a wise decision to grab the opportunity even though your salary as a fresher would be less than your expectation. Usually as a fresher to the industry, you can expect in and around 25k. But adding your incentives to the salary, you can take home a good amount. This is besides your other benefits such as ESI and medical insurance. Also the opportunity to earn during the extra time you work can make it a big sum at the end of the month. You also can enjoy benefits such as free travel once a year, but this depends on the employers. Most airliners offer discounted flights for their employees and paid holidays, all these apart from free food and accommodation. The main attractiveness of the job is that you can see many places and enjoy air travel for free.

What about the future job openings 

Aviation industry since the beginning of its operation has been one of the largest money making industries in the world. Every year, there is a huge requirement for man power and this means that there will be a lot of job requirements in the future as well. People travelling for various purposes including tourism and business are increasing and demand for more airliners by the passengers are becoming news every then and now. To cop up with the increasing traffic, airliners have to operate more flights resulting in more job opportunities. Hence selecting a career in aviation industry, as air hostesses in particular, will be a good decision.


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