Is Aviation a Good Career Choice ? – Career In Aviation Industry

Career usually means to engage in any profession for certain duration of one’s life. But without opportunity to progress during his/her professional life, we cannot call it as a good career. There are many jobs which are highly paid, but the career growth is less. At the same time, there are also jobs that give you a career growth. Aviation is one such career where you can expect a career growth.

Scope of job opportunities in the future

Air passengers are likely to increase drastically by 2025. Air travel which once was only affordable by the affluent is now accessible to commoners. The competition between airliners and the flow of traffic have made air travel cheaper than ever before. This means that international tourism will boom like never before and countries which can offer great service to tourists will benefit economically. New businesses will flourish and investors wouldn’t hesitate to invest on projects in foreign countries. Not just this, the trade between countries and multinational companies are also increasing resulting in operations of more and more cargo flights. What this means is more employment opportunities in the aviation industry.

Present scenario

Therefore, a career in the aviation industry is inevitably good. Right now we are going through a worldwide pandemic and the aviation industry has been one of the hard hit industries. The once busy airports are now empty and the world is on a hibernation mode with relatively very less travelling these days. However, even now we can observe some changes that is happening, with a few countries with significant portions of the population been vaccinated, have opened up. Let’s take the United Kingdom as an example. They have started testing with full blown concerts, and the results have been a good indication of how things would go back to normal. It is only a matter of time before the aviation industry goes back to the way it was, always thriving and indispensable.


Careers in aviation industry

Aviation courses are plenty and not so difficult to choose from. A successful career in aviation industry can be assured if you have good communication skills, right attitude and a passion to succeed. From ground staff to cabin crew a number of job opportunities are waiting for you to hold on to a great career in the aviation industry. Not just the salary that attracts youngsters to aviation industry, but the perks, other benefits, and a great reputation also make people to try for a job in this industry. However, one has to be clever enough to select the right course according to his/her academic qualification and the area of interest. A wonderful career is ahead for such people.

Types of aviation jobs

Reservation agents

Reservation agents not only should have excellent customer service skills, but a bit of up selling skills too. They should have a thorough knowledge about flight schedules, availability of seats and other updates regarding any change or updates that can affect a passenger. Reservation agents should maintain high professionalism and should be able to help the customers with various options about date, time and ticket fares. This is a very responsible job because if given wrong information, a passenger’s valuable time and money can be wasted. But there is great scope to excel in this field if you are ready to take such responsibilities.


This is dream job for many young and ambitious women. It’s one of the highly reputable and glamorous jobs in the world. A good physical appearance, excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and professionalism are some of the most important skills an airhostess should possess. Their responsibility includes welcoming passengers while onboarding, giving safety instructions and even helping passengers in case of any medical emergencies. This is a well-paid job and a reputable one.

Ground staff

A ground staff should have good communication skills, interpersonal skills and an attitude to remain professional in all circumstances. They are the ones who are responsible to provide quick and correct information to passengers and assist them if required to allocate seats and collect baggage. Customer service skills will be tested every then and now while engaging in this job. This makes this job equally exciting and challenging. A good remuneration and other benefits such as paid holidays and discounted flight tickets are some of the perks that come along with the salary.

Crew members

It is very important to have multi-tasking skills if you are working as a crew member. Crew members should be always pleasant and possess a positive attitude. Like ground staff, customer service skills will be tested in all circumstances. They, often, will have to be on duty on weekends and other public holidays. It is indeed a great career option for those who like to fly. Handsome salary and incentives can make this a very attractive job.

Security staff

As the passengers increase, the need for safety and security professionals also increases. Even in this age of artificial intelligence and modern technologies, security cannot be handled just by mere technology. Highly trained professionals are required to take care of passengers’ safety. This is why a job of security staff becomes highly demandable. This too, like any other aviation jobs, can give you a successful career.

Cargo handlers

Handling cargo and transportation of cargo to and from the flight is one main area that requires huge man power. Machine operators, drivers and other skilled personals can be in high demand in the immediate future as the aviation industry re-opens. There are many jobs, even with the technological advents, that require human attention. Cargo handling is one such job and can provide a good career for people who would like to work in the aviation industry.


Therefore, if you are an aviation industry aspirant, do not hesitate to look for a job in this industry. If you find it difficult to find a job in the aviation industry, research about an aviation course that you can undertake which will grab you a job in this industry.

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