Career Options in Aviation Industry

The history of Aviation industry can be dated back to the 18th century when hydrogen was discovered. The hot air balloons soon began passenger flights. However it was in the twentieth century that the modern aircrafts actually took off. With the invention of aerodynamics and industrial revolution, the world changed forever.


The aviation industry has made the world a smaller place and ever since the introduction of aero planes, globalization emerged and millions of dollars of business started to flourish. Aviation industry soon became the most successful and on demand industry and all countries invested their resources and money to build passenger air crafts and defense air crafts. Trade between countries boomed, making aviation industry the most money making industry in the world. The need for manpower and technology increased in order to make the aviation industry more efficient and by the end of the 20th century almost all aircraft companies started to look out for professionals who can run the various aviation jobs smoothly, creating more and more job opportunities. Not to mention, by this time a job in the aviation industry was seen as the most reputed and high paid jobs in the entire world. Not just that, it also promoted tourism and overseas education to a large extend, even increasing the demand for more man power.


Career in the aviation industry

A bright and rewarding career is awaiting you in the aviation industry in the immediate future. As the pandemic is estimated to be over by the end of this year, it is widely regarded that the businesses which are temporarily shut will reopen; probably more businesses will start off, creating the demand for aviation jobs like never before. On an average, it is believed that lakhs of job opportunities will be created in the next five to ten years. Needless to say about the job vacancies to be emerged in the aviation related industry such as tourism, overseas education and overseas job programs many countries are promoting. A flow of people from the third world countries to the first world countries are likely to increase by double the rate of what it is today.

Many jobs to choose as your career

There are a lot many aviation courses to choose from. Right from cabin crew to ground crew staff, from piloting to ticketing, a whole lot of opportunities are waiting for young ambitious people to bag a successful career in the aviation industry. Apart from the handsome remuneration, the perks that the aviation industry offers attract many young graduates to select a career in the aviation industry. On one hand, your career in the aviation industry is safe and on the other hand a reputed position in the society also adds icing to the cake. However, it isn’t as easy as one would imagine getting a career in the aviation industry. One needs to attend a professional course along with other qualifications to be employed by airline companies. Therefore, an advice for people who want to get a career in the aviation industry would be to choose a right course of their interest and skills. It is of no doubt that once the candidate is qualified; a great career is waiting ahead of them.

Some of the most preferred job

Ground staff

Ground staff makes sure that the right info is given to the passengers, assisting them, helping in reservations, ticket issuing, baggage collecting, allocating seats, customer service, so on and so forth. Being a dedicated ground staff, one should possess excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills, outstanding customer service skill and be able to multi task, making the passengers comfortable and giving information on weather forecast, late arrivals and late departure and guide the passengers in any concerns. This provides an exciting career in the aviation industry for those who are even under graduates.

Crew members

Crew members should be mentally and physically fit as most of their working hours will be in the aircraft itself. They should have a flair for customer service and possess multi-tasking skills. A Crew member may have to work in odd hours, work in public holidays and weekends, and will have to keep their cool throughout their shift timings. They should always maintain a professional attitude and be always ready to answer any queries or complaints from the customers regarding their flight. Their key responsibility is to be always on time for their duty and be energetic during their shift hours. A very successful career opportunity is waiting for the ones with a true passion to be a part of aviation industry.

Reservation agents

As a reservation agent one must have clear and accurate idea about the flight timings, seats availability and should always be updated about the industry news and weather forecasts. He or she should maintain positive attitude and have a passion to serve the customers with a little bit of up selling skills. Their main responsibilities include making reservations, process payment, and sending notifications about the passenger’s flight schedule. Also, a reservation agent should be able to give the customers various options about the flights and the class as per their budget. High computer proficiency is a must for these candidates. Once employed, they should be aware that this is very responsible job and can have very successful career in the aviation industry if excelled in this field with an opportunity to earn handsomely.


The job of an airhostess is highly reputable and can lead a luxurious life. But the responsibility is also equally higher. They should maintain a good physical appearance, well behaved and a keep a professional attitude. They are, in majority of the cases, seen as the face of an airline company and hence their customer service skills need to be in the topmost quality like none other. Their job includes checking the pre and post flight records, helping customers to find their allocated seats, welcoming the passengers while on boarding and giving them safety instructions to be carried out during the flight. They are responsible for the cleanliness of the flight and serving food and beverages to the passengers. Working as an airhostess means you are well paid, well respected and always has an opportunity to work in other industries after your retirement.

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